Are you addicted to F@CEB00K?


-You spend the day poking people sitting in the same office as you.
-You get annoyed when they don’t poke back.
-Your favourite question is “Did you see that photo I posted on Facebook?”
-Your second favourite question is “Did you see that video I posted on Facebook?”
-You keep begging your friends to get on Facebook so “we can hang out”.
-You are a member of at least one “If 1 million people join this group…” groups.
-You go into labour and stop to update your status.
-You find yourself sneaking away to the computer in the middle of the night to check if anyone has commented on the photos you uploaded.
-You know more about your Facebook friend’s daily routines than you do your own spouses.
-You constantly use the Facebook check-in feature on your mobile so everyone will think you lead an interesting life.
-You’ve derived pleasure from watching someone’s mental state deteriorate via their status updates.
-You’ve posted on a friends wall while you were on the phone with them.
-You won’t work at a company that has access to Facebook blocked on the work computers.
-You sign on and immediately get 10 IMs from people on Facebook chat.
-You regularly have conversations with people about what someone said or did on Facebook.
-You look at an annoying person offline and wish you could report/block this person.
-You have withdrawals if your internet connection drops.
-You wish you could de-friend someone who constantly uses bad grammar but don’t because you know them in real life.
-You have to take a speed reading course to keep up with your newsfeed.
-You have more Facebook friends than real life friends.
-You have at least a few people you hate as friends just so you have someone to gossip about.
-You check your newsfeed each morning before shower or coffee.
-You now never forget anyone’s birthday… as long as they’re in your friend list.
-You’re web browsers homepage is set to Facebook.
-You spend considerable time each day trying to think up witty things to post as your status.
-You’ve used Facebook to stalk a hot girl or guy you met.
-Your answering machine message tells people to message you on Facebook instead.
-You actually enjoy the fact that you are addicted.
-You’ve created a random and ridiculous group expecting millions of people to join it.
-You feel genuinely depressed when your newsfeed is quiet.
-You don’t want to logoff in case you miss something.


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