Indian diplomat’s daughter wrongfully arrested in New York

NYPD Suspected Indian Student As All Spellings Were Right in Lewd Letters to Teacher

May 26, 2011

By mindryin


All the spellings were right, so NYPD Blue automatically suspected a smart Indian kid

A spokesman for the NYPD has on the condition of anonymity, admitted that the police didn’t do their due diligence checks because they were convinced the UnSub was an Indian student. “Well, all the damn spellings were right. The perpetrator used words like exubrious, cunnilingus, fellatio, sixty-nine with a goddamn hyphen. I mean, who the hell does that if not for some winner of a spelling bee? Indian kids have been winning the American spelling bee since the Reagan years. We’re not really at fault. It’s not all like CSI. Sometimes racial stereotyping helps close a case faster.

Indian expert Thabish also chose to comment,“Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case…with this case. Some other student was found guilty of sending the obscene letters to the teacher. I wasn’t there, but after a while the detectives on the case alleged that the arrested kid just started chanting some jihadi slogan that sounded a lot like ’Do you know who is my father?’ Now that’s not the same as ‘Who’s your daddy?’ at all. Then they started to realize that this was an Indian kid actually from India.

Soon it turned out that she expected to be treated differently from all other prisoners when they told her to drink from the puke filled fountain and the public toilet. They joined the dots and figured out she was from a privileged background. And since she’s a rich Indian, she’ll

a) have her name spelt in an awkward manner

b) threaten to litigate just like any American.

So their ass is sued by Krittika with two ‘T’s, and good luck to her.”


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