Hope & Change v2.0

Hope & Change  v2.0

Let’s all Hope for a better America and Change the President.

I’m going to remove my conservative hat for a moment and no, I’m not putting on a liberal hat. I’m going to advise the Democrats to do the right thing. But first I’m going to give some valuable advice to President Obama and hope he follows it. It’s really very simple – Step Aside. Don’t run for re-election. Do the right thing. Save face. Let Hillary run. Keep the chances of a Democrat White House alive. Save your legacy. Yes, even you will have a legacy. Yes, you will still have a legacy if you run, and win, in 2012. But, it will not have the word “utter” preceding the word “failure”. So, any which way Obama looks at it, he only has two choices and he HAS to choose both – don’t and run, step and aside, give and up, go and home etc. He gets my drift.

Now to the Democrat party – the party’s OVER! You have limited options. Very limited. Save the ‘D’ in White House and throw the bums out. That’s it.

As a conservative, I love to see a Republican in the White House. As an American I love a good fight. As a citizen I also like to see a strong opposition. Opposition and not opportunists. Not the likes of which were walking the halls of Congress during the ‘W’ era. The Democrat opportunists who opposed the war then favored the war (or vice versa) and then grabbed every opportunity to discredit the President and our Nation. But, did not do what we elected them to do – to do the right thing for America. Democrats opposed the war but funded it. Democrats criticized our intelligence gathering methods but continued even after Obama became President. Democrats hated the war (at least that’s what they said to get votes) but the war is still on and with even more troops. In fact, the platform on which then candidate Obama and the rest of the party stood is now slipping from under their very feet. And they still want to stand on it. Advice – JUMP! Shed the weight! Move! Sound the SOS!

Democrats should rally behind a better candidate. That is Hillary Clinton. I never had a very favorable opinion about Mrs. Clinton during her First Lady days. Primarily because of her health care stand. But, I did see the courage in her to back off when she realized that it was an unpopular move. I did see the fight in her during the run-up to the ’08 elections. I did see the magnanimity in her when she decided to work under an inexperienced charmer whom she had tried to beat and had lost. I did see Hillary Clinton overcome all personal and political odds to become (in my opinion) a fine Secretary of State. The one who brought professionalism, statesmanship and poise together. I’ll not vote for her because after all she does believe in redistribution of wealth. I’ll not vote for her because our ideologies differ. But, I don’t want America to make another blunder again with an inexperienced shyster.

I know that neither the Democrats and certainly not Obama are going to heed to my advice, and that’s fine by America. We all collectively Hope for a Change v2.0. The current version has far too many bugs and we need an upgrade. Can’t wait for 2012!


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One Response to Hope & Change v2.0

  1. Greg says:

    You really expect the libs to do the right thing? They only think as individuals.

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