Steve Jobs 1955 – Forever

Steve Jobs. Many are calling him a visionary. I agree. Many are calling him a pioneer in the tech world. I agree. Many are even calling him a revolutionary. OK, I might even agree there.

In my opinion Jobs is the reason why I have a better phone. He is responsible for my great computer. He is also responsible for my great music player. I don’t own any Apple products. He not only changed Apple, he simply changed the standards of expectancy for the consumer. The tech companies simply had no choice but to comply. The bar has been raised forever.

Steve Jobs ran a company like none other. Like no one else can. Really, no one else can run a company on Apple’s business model unless you love going bankrupt. A closed product in an open world that’s crying for transparency. Macs. New models in less than a year. Year after year. For a customer base locked with one company in a two year contract. I’m talking about the iPhone. Haven’t heard of any other company treating it’s customers with such a slap on the face. And the customers loving it and swooning over Apple’s every move even more. And the same trend continued for the iPad. Plus, not to mention the love fest media has with Apple. But, APPLE has to ‘Think Different’ now.

Under Steve Jobs Apple could do no wrong.

Without Steve Jobs – Apple RIP.


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