iPhone misses the High-5

iPhone misses the High-5

With the release of the new iPhone, one thing is confirmed – Steve’s gone! But, the Apple seedlings are still around and plentiful.  And that’s good for Apple. For the first time, even the media is letting out a few uncomfortable sequels here and there. Samsung didn’t mince words in their ads. The reviews are still coming in and one can tell the discomfort the writers are facing, trying to hide what they really think of this piece of drab. Even Maps (that navigation tool apparently designed by Columbus) is being written about with such care as it might hurt the feelings of Obama. And this was the SIXTH generation of a phone started in 2007. That’s FIVE years! In a world of two year contracts, a high price tag, being forced to buy expensive accessories, crappy maps, much MUCH better competition, a terrible economy, high unemployment and an uncertain future Apple seems to be betting (and winning) on the dumbness of this nation. Scary! This tells me Obama might win again. Plus we know 47% are not part of the 99%. Do the math. I say idiosyncrasy wins!

What’s the Haps- w/Sam Roberts at the iPhone 5 Line in NYC


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