Camel Hair Art

A livestock fair held in  Rajasthan, India every year called Pushkar Mela, brings out the best. Here’s a sampling of camel hair styling.

“The job takes about 3 years to make an engraved tatoo for an individual camels. First 2 years, there is just growing the hair and starts trimming. Inhabitant of desert does not use the iron engraved for the camels. They just cut and dye the camel hair. I have never seen such a beautiful works in the world” Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art01

Steve Hoge


Camel Art02

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art03

Froogler on Reddit


Camel Art04

Sreenivasan Ramakrishnan


Camel Art05

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art06

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art07

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art08

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art09

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art10

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art11

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art12



Camel Art13

Osakabe Yasuo


Camel Art14

Osakabe Yasuo



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