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This is so darned typical… check it out.

 Congressman John Barrow, a “Blue-Dog” Democrat from Georgia, is a good guy.  

 He recently did a TV commercial in which he proclaims his steadfast support for the Second Amendment and is endorsed by the NRA.

 Then the liberals got hold of his commercial… a group of gun grabbers calling the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence did some edits on his commercial making him look like a crazed child-killer… and asking the Congressman’s constituency to contact him and make him change his evil ways. These folks are pathetic… but fortunately the good guys prevailed and John Barrow was able to keep his seat in the upcoming 113th Congress.

 These commercials are less than a minute and you may want to watch them more than once to realize just how sneaky these little creeps are. John could do “nothing” to stop these commercials from airing… he just stuck to his principles and did not waiver.

Commercial # 1

Commercial # 2


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